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Stories of Grace & Dignity

At Renewing You, we strive to make life easier for individuals going through their cancer journey. Below are some stories and testimonials from our users about their experience with our products.

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Renewing You is a very tasteful gift bag that helps renew your body after some of the common side effects associated with radiation treatment. This unique bag includes soothing aloe gel, cornstarch,glycerin soap, baby soft washcloth and a gratitude pad.  All products are free of alcohol, parabens, and fragrances.  This bag is an excellent helpful and thoughtful bag of hope to help make the journey of survivorship an easy transition to wellness.


My friends surprised me with this beautiful gift bag.  The skincare products in the bag helped me during and after my radiation treatments.  The aloe gel is very convenient to use, I just rolled it on my skin and it helped cool and heal the radiation burns.  The cornstarch was easy to apply with a soft powder puff.  I used the cornstarch as a deodorant to absorb moisture in my sensitive areas.  The glycerin soap with a soft washcloth was wonderful and did not leave a residue or irritate my skin.  Love the polka dot bag as it is very durable and convenient.   I was able to carry my medication  and other products with me to/from work. Thank-you.

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Nov. 2014 and fighting strong!

~Flora R.

I have only good things to say about all the products that were in the Renewing You kit. I thought everything was great. I used the soap every day during radiation. It was nice and gentle, not drying at all, and it seemed to last a long time too!

One of the best things in the kit was the Aloe Vera Gel. It was sooo soothing on the radiation burns. I had two spots where I was getting radiation. One by my collar bone, and one on the breast itself. Toward the end of my treatment my skin was pretty raw and sore. The aloe really helped a lot!

The kit was a nice little pick me up emotionally, too. When you’re feeling so lousy and unpretty it’s nice to get something that’s just for you. Anything to help get you through those rough times!

I hope I don’t know anyone else that has to go through this, but If I do, I wouldn’t think twice about delivering one of your kits to them! Great product! Thanks!


I tried aquaphor, hydrocortisone and prescription creams but nothing soothed my irritated skin like your Aloe Vera Gel. It was a lifesaver. I loved how it was packaged. It was easy to apply and didn’t make a mess. I couldn’t find anything easier or better to use. Thank you so much for caring to make such a wonderful product that meets the needs of women going through these difficult times.


When a friend is diagnosed with breast cancer, you feel helpless in many ways. The “Renewing You” gift bag is a way to reach out with a gift that actually provides relief for symptoms, while lifting their spirits at the same time. The pretty packaging has a feminine look rather than a sterile medical feel. My girlfriend was very touched by the gift and extremely happy with the quality of the products.