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Skincare Recommended For Cancer

We have developed a skincare line specially designed for women. We have chosen skincare products that will relieve the common side effects of radiation/chemotherapy.

Making The Journey A Little Easier

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Why Renewing You?

No one thinks that being treated for cancer is a walk in the park. We’re all aware of some of side effects to treatment, like hair loss and weakness. What many people don’t always think about is the everyday “routine” that changes. We’ve created a line of all natural skin care products that are aimed at helping restore grace, dignity, and normalcy to the lives of individuals on their journey with cancer.

Our Difference

Stories of Hope

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you know that a positive attitude can go a long way. At Renewing You, we believe that we are stronger as a community. That is why we offer the ability for all of our visitors to share their stories. Together, we can help others learn, grow, and most of all, understand that they are not alone.

Stories Of Hope

Remember to rest and relax
Eliminate negative energy
Never give up
Entertain positive thoughts
Willing to have the strength
Inhale and exhale often
Nourish your inner voice
Give time to yourself
You are not alone
Offer and accept help
United to “Find the Cure”


Everyone needs a little bit of help from time to time. We understand that your journey through cancer has it’s ups and downs. We hope that our affirmation to the left serves as a reminder to be strong. We also know that you may have a need for other resources. We have a list of trusted resources for individuals with cancer that you can view. We hope that these are a help to you.


Pure Corn Starch

Store bought deodorants contain aluminum and other metals that can interfere with radiation and chemotherapy. We’ve created a corn starch product that’s easy to apply and comes with a soft powder puff.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Radiation treatment can have a “sunburn” like effect. We’ve created an organic Aloe skin care product that is easy to apply, made with all natural cooling ingredients for soothing and healing sensitive skin.

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Glycerin Soap

At Renewing You, we’ve created a glycerin soap with vitamin E and Aloe, with no harsh chemicals and that’s fragrance free. It also comes with a soft wash cloth to help gently exfoliate your sensitive skin.

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Our Gift Bag

Our gift bag was created so you can purchase all of the products we offer. This can help people get the most out of what Renewing you has to offer, packaged in a beautiful gift bag for convenient use.

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